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  • Get adapted to the cloud workplace with Cloud

    Along with making awareness about the latest technologies and techniques that are making news today, it is equally important to learn some of them that can help you work better. These technologies matters in many ways. From converting your business processes to more innovation and to bring more productivity to the core business processing tasks, getting trained to utilize the latest technologies is significant. We at Cloud help you to get grips with these latest innovations without facing any difficulty.

Why you elect Klavd

  • Cloud computing technologies

    Cloud computing market is growing rapidly and swiftly, hence we offer you with a solution of proper training programs in cloud computing technologies.

  • Microsoft Cloud technologies

    Get trained in Microsoft cloud technologies to flourish your business with cloud hosting application development, productivity and collaboration tools.

  • Cisco Klavd Technologies

    If you are new to IT, start by learning the fundamentals of Cisco cloud technology using the learning resources provided by us.

  • VMware Klavd Technologies

    Cloud also give you with the certification of VMware cloud technologies which will dispense you with special guidance to realize the value from your cloud.

  • Citrix Training

    The objective of citrix training course is to supply individuals with foundational concepts and advanced skills, necessary to implement, secure, configure and monitor.

  • CompTIA Klavd Technologies

    CompTIA Klavd Technologies plays an important role in certifying positive turn in participation and learning for the individuals.

  • Hadoop and Bigdata

    If you want yourself to get hired as a developer, administrator or as a data analyst then you probably need to attend the Hadoop and big data training sessions.

  • For Administrator

    Master the elements of cluster
    monitoring, security and trouble shooting.

  • For Developer

    Learn everything you need
    to become a leader in the field.

  • For Data Analyst

    Become a certified professional
    from one of the best training
    organisations in India.